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Patch Embroidery for your Motorcycle Club

Everyone will agree the most exciting and visual part of being in a motorcycle club is the cuts you wear on your back. The patch on your back has become so important that it essentially can be the symbol that defines your club. When it is decided by a group of friends that a motorcycle … Continue reading

Pack Riding with your Motorcycle Club

If you are riding in a club or plan on riding in a club, then you will soon be involved in “pack riding”. Pack Riding is an experience like no other. A pack can consist of just a few riders to several hundreds. This can be a ride with a friend or two, charity ride, … Continue reading

Winter Riding Gear

If you are like me, I actually prefer to ride in the colder months rather than when its summer time. I find it is easier to bundle up in the cold weather rather than cooking in the hot summer sun. When it coms to winter riding gear, body protection is even more important than when … Continue reading

Biker Dating Made Easy

A Biker is considered a special breed of the human species. The lifestyle a Biker (especially in a Motorcycle Club) is unique and the honest truth is, you need a special type of person to compliment the biker and his lifestyle.  By special, I mean the person must understand your passion for riding, enjoying your … Continue reading

Motorcycle Club Nicknames

When it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and Nicknames, the two go hand in hand. They are almost synonymous with each other. When a person is immersed in the Motorcycle Club World, their nickname becomes their identity more so than their given name. What’s crazy about Motorcycle Clubs and nicknames is that some clubs require you … Continue reading

Choosing a Motorcycle Club

Pretty much everyone who rides a motorcycle will claim they are a hardcore rider and maybe considering to join a motorcycle club. Their reasons may differ but most of the time they are seeking out to be a part of a brotherhood and belonging to something special. Before you head off looking to join a … Continue reading

Motorcycle Club Bylaws

Note: Below is information on how to write you club bylaws. If you want to skip all this, you can download a Motorcycle Club Bylaws Template here. When it comes down to it, Motorcycle Clubs are efficiently operated on their bylaws and how their members adhere to them. If you plan on starting your own … Continue reading

Why Join a Motorcycle Club

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to visit Motorcycle Clubs HQ because they want to learn about Motorcycle Clubs and decide if they want to join a club or not. Being a part of a motorcycle club can be one of the best experiences in one’s life; however, they can also … Continue reading

History of the Three Piece Patch

Motorcycle Clubs have been around for decades, almost as long as motorcycles have been around. The American Motorcyclist Association was founded in 1924, mainly endorsed by Motorcycle manufacturers to promote the sport of motorcycle riding in the United States. The AMA supported motorcycle clubs that rode together. These motorcycle clubs stitched their club name to … Continue reading

Big Four Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs have been around for decades and some of biggest clubs have made a name for themselves by the amount of members. A lot of these motorcycle clubs have received a significant amount of attention for their headlines in newspapers, newscasts, and brawls at their local pubs. After all said and done, four motorcycle … Continue reading