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Motorcycle Club Nicknames

When it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and Nicknames, the two go hand in hand. They are almost synonymous with each other. When a person is immersed in the Motorcycle Club World, their nickname becomes their identity more so than their given name.

What’s crazy about Motorcycle Clubs and nicknames is that some clubs require you to have a nickname (or road name) when you join. Other members will only refer to you by your nickname and half time, won’t even know your real name. This is great and all but this is not what nicknames are supposed to be about. Nicknames are supposed to be natural and come from friends who know the real you. If you end up making up you own nickname, you are lame. For example, if you have a member who chooses his nickname as “MadSkillz” because he thinks he is awesome at everything, people will most likely remember him as a total douche.

When you earn your nickname, it becomes that much more special. The feeling of having a nickname given to you from an experience you might have had or an embarrassing moment will out rank any manufactured nickname you can give yourself.

I have friends in my life that I always refer to their nickname. For the most part, I sometimes cannot even remember their real names without taking a second to think about it. This is because they got their nicknames naturally and they fit so well that do not think twice about it.

Here are some things you should consider when it comes to nicknames:

  • If you are still waiting on your nickname, hope that it is short. I am talking about two syllables max! I understand that for the most part you cannot control this but if you can help zone in on something short, go for it.
  • When you meet someone new, do not introduce yourself by your nickname. Honestly, strangers do not care about your nickname. When you build a relationship with someone and they actually care about your nickname, then you can give it out, otherwise…save it for your friends.
  • Some people say that if you have a common real name such as Mike, Chris, Tom, or John, you nickname is more likely to stick. From experience this is not always the case. However; if you have a more unique real name, your friends will tend to call you by that versus a nickname.

Just remember you cannot choose your nickname, it will eventually come. As time goes by, a special moment in time will occur and it will just hit you. The best part of getting a natural nickname is the story that goes along with it. I have been there when all my best buds got their nicknames. I tell the stories from each and every one of them and although not all of them maybe funny, but they will be memorable and special.