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How to Start a Motorcycle Club

Starting a Motorcycle Club is no easy task. I wish I could say it was easy as getting designing a patch and having your local embroiderer sew it on for you, but unfortunately there’s a lot more that goes into it.

The first thing is you need to ask yourself why you want to start a motorcycle club. There are plenty of motorcycle clubs out there to choose from. The scene is already cluttered as it is and if you and your crew does not have something new to bring to the table, then I suggest you don’t bother.

Next you need to you need to decide on what type of club you want to be. The Motorcycle Club Scene is filled with different types of genres. Here is a brief list below:

  • 1%er Support Club
  • Riding Club
  • Military Veterans Club
  • Religious Club
  • Same Sex Club
  • Women’s’ Riding Club
  • Law Enforcement Club
  • Law Enforcement Support Club

This is just a brief list of some of the types of motorcycle clubs out there. There are a lot more but you could pretty much design your club under any genre that you wish.

Here’s the deal though. Starting a Motorcycle Club can be very political depending on what area you live in. Motorcycle Clubs can be very possessive over their territory and couple possibly cause more problems for you than its worth. I would suggest doing some research before hand before going forward.

The next thing you need to do is think of a cool name. There is nothing worse than a motorcycle club with a stupid name. The name of your club with become your brand and if it sucks, so will your reputation. Also make sure that no other clubs have the name you choose as well.

You should then start thinking of your colors that you want your club to represent. I would suggest you stay away from colors similar to the larger clubs. Again, it could cause unwanted problems down the line. Be creative and think of something that has not been done before.

During the creative process you might already have a center patch in mind. Assuming you want your club to wear a 3 piece patch. If you are not a part of the outlaw world, I would suggest you stay away from the 3 piece set up. Depending on what look you want to go for, you could make your colors a 1 piece or a 2 piece.

Once you have your design and image the way you want it, your next step is to take it to your local embroiderer. Explain to the embroiderer exactly what you want, however, take his advice. Embroidery shops do a lot of work for motorcycle clubs and know what looks good and what does not. Most of the time, these guys are professionals and can help steer you in the right direction.

Prior to officially being able to call yourself a club, you are going to need a set of bylaws if you want your club ran with efficiency. Bylaws are designed to hold members accountable and make sure the club runs smoothly. You do not have to implement bylaws into your club but what will mostly likely happen is that your club will fall apart and no one will show up for anything.

Once you knock out all of these steps, you are ready to ride with your crew. You will find out that riding under a brand can be extremely empowering and taking your riding experience to the next level.

I meant to keep this brief and plan on getting into deeper details in future posts.

Good Luck!