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Biker Girls in Motorcycle Clubs

It is well known that in Motorcycle Clubs, Biker Girls are not very far behind. Women can play different roles in Motorcycle Clubs and in some cases can be members as well. For the purposes of this article, I will discuss the traditional roll with women in motorcycle clubs.

Historically, Motorcycle Clubs have been a male dominated arena. In most clubs, brotherhood has been a staple in each club and its chapter. The term brotherhood simply means to have a bond with a male friend that is obviously not on a romantic level. This is simply what most clubs are about. To inject women in that formula simply would ruin the intended purpose of a male motorcycle club. When a group of men get together, they want to act like men, talk like men, and behave like men without the fear of offending the opposite sex.

Women definitely play a part of Motorcycle Clubs but their role is nothing close to being a brother of the member within the club. In the one percenter club world, women can not and will not ever be members (although) this was not always the case. It is widely rumored that at one time, the Hells Angels accepted women into their ranks, however, that was changed when it was decided that a women could not defend their club colors in a fight.

Nowadays women have been seen as property of the club. Some members of Motorcycle Clubs have their women wear “Property of” patches on the back of their motorcycle vest to let other members know that specific woman belongs to them. I am not totally convinced that this standard of club property still exists today but my feeling is that some clubs like to carry on the traditions set forth by other clubs to maintain their outlaw image.

Women have progressed in the club scene and have started their own Motorcycle Clubs. These clubs tend to be female only, however, due to the market for female clubs being fairly small, the standards for joining are a less. Women MC’s are rarely 100% American Made motorcycle and tend to include all types of cruisers and metrics as well.

To sum it up, Women play an important role in Motorcycle Clubs even if they are considered property of a member of a male motorcycle club or simply established their own motorcycle club and ride in a sisterhood. Only time will tell if the traditional male club will evolve to accept women members but I doubt this will happen anytime soon.