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Big Four Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs have been around for decades and some of biggest clubs have made a name for themselves by the amount of members. A lot of these motorcycle clubs have received a significant amount of attention for their headlines in newspapers, newscasts, and brawls at their local pubs.

After all said and done, four motorcycle angs stand out from the rest in terms of the attention they have received.


Hells Angels MC

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club established themselves in 1948 and quickly established themselves at the largest outlaw motorcycle gang in the world. They are classified as by the US Department of Justice as an organized crime syndicate. They have several thousands of members and chapters established all over the world.

It is not totally clear on what the requirements are to become a member of the Hells Angels. Most would agree the current standards are that any potential member would have to own an American made motorcycle, possess a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, and have the right personality. Other sources have suggested but not confirmed that the Hells Angels membership is only open to white candidates, however, photographs have surfaced of an African American prospecting for the club.

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Outlaws MC

The Outlaws Motorcycle Club established themselves as a motorcycle club over 70 years ago in Chicago. The club quickly grew and established chapters throughout the United States. Their colors are black and white with an insignia of a skull and crossed pistons. Outlaws MC has now established themselves in several countries around the world and have several thousand members.

From what is known, to become a member of the Outlaws MC, you must be a male, own an American made motorcycle, and posses a valid driver’s license. All potential members are expected to go through a prospecting period to reach full membership.

Outlaws MC does not play nice with the Hells Angels.

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Bandidos MC

The Bandidos MC is said to be the second largest outlaw motorcycle gang (OMG) in the world. The club established itself in 1966 and like other, quickly expanded throughout the United States and other countries around the world.

The Department of Justice has catagorized the Bandidos as an organized crime syndicate involved in several acts of criminal activity. These criminal activities include but are not limited to distributing and selling drugs.

The Bandidos have a huge presence throughout the Southern United States, however, they continued to grow and establish chapters throughout the rest of the country.

The Bandidos also do not play nice with the Hells Angels MC.

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Pagans MC

The Pagans MC is also categorized as a Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) by the Department of Justice. The club established itself in 1959 and rapid expanded by 1965. The club holds a dense presence in the northeast United States, however, has established chapters in most of the eastern United States.

The Pagans MC is widely known for their passion and fighting over territory. The DOJ and former members have accused the club of manufacturing, distributing, and transporting various controlled substances.

The Pagans MC are relatively smaller than the Hells Angels MC, Outlaws MC, and Bandidos MC. They’re estimated to have 200-250 active members but no one outside of the club knows for sure.

The Pagans MC also do not play nice with the Hells Angels MC

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